NFS for linux

I found this link for a comprehensive NFS how to.

Assuming that we want to share some directories on server PC in a local area network with LAN address of

  1. On the PC providing the remote file system (server) find and install the nfs server daeomon (on my system, I install nfs-kernel-server)
  2. Start the system service (Runlevel editor), for service nfsserver and levels 3 and 5
  3. After starting the service and/or rebooting the server check that there is a process running with name nfsd (for user root)
  4. Edit /etc/exports and add the line(s) with the directories to export. In my case it is>: /jupiter
  5. Increase the security by adding the following to hosts.deny (check link NFS how to)
  6. And this to hosts.allow (check link NFS howto_

Now mount the file system on the client machine